March 14, 2018

Turning water into wine

Marketing advice

Know enough to know what you don’t know

Following on from my last post, marketing advice is still top of mind. I was reading a book recommended by my business coach. (Before any of my ‘lovely’ colleagues ask; no it doesn’t have pictures and no, you can’t colour it in!) It is called No B.S. Grassroots marketing (Dan Kennedy). Some of it is old hat to me. So much of it is like getting slapped on the side of the head! Loads of blinding flashes of the obvious! I’m not repeating them here, if you want to know, read the damn book yourself.

What it has done is confirm how little I actually know despite running the marketing for BoConcept in Scotland since 2004. I need help. The problem is who to go to for help?

The Power of Contacts.

I have amazing contacts through my business network for social media advice, media buying, web design, specialist printing etc. These guys are very willing with their time and happy to advise on their areas.

That’s not what I┬áneed right now though. I need someone with nothing to sell me, no product of their own. I need someone with experience. Someone who can advise on promoting a high end interiors brand to a high level customer on a small budget by someone with no time. Ability to walk on water would be good too but not essential.

If I was to run an advert, it would start “Miracle Worker Required.”

Contact Welcome

So for the marketeers out there, do feel free to make contact with me but, please, only if you don’t have something else to sell too.

Also, don’t be offended if my eyes glaze over if you start talking about discounts and promotions. They are wee sweary words at BoConcept Scotland. Nearly as bad as the ‘I’ word.

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