February 28, 2020

Top Dogs

I was reviewing the most recent NPS scores for the BoConcept stores in Scotland. If you haven’t heard of Net Promoter Score or aren’t aware of how it is calculated; NPS is the difference between customers who would recommending us very highly and those who would give us a low score because they wouldn’t recommend us.

So a business could theoretically score minus 100. The best scoring companies worldwide are in the +70’s. The solid bar in the chart below is the Edinburgh score and the grey area is the UK average each month. This indicates that we get ‘good’ results and they are steadily improving.

Edinburgh NPS scores

Both our Scotland stores are now well above the UK average and figures from BoConcept in Denmark show the UK is above other national averages for BoConcept stores around the world. These customers survey results confirm we offer a good service so I am taking that as a win for the Scotland team!

The real point of this post (apart from some professional boasting) is what we learned from this. Last autumn there were some delays with orders out of Denmark. DK pulled out all the stops to minimise them and locally we threw everything we had at it too. Our Installation team bust a gut to reduce delays and, alongside the store teams, kept our customers informed.

Despite this, some customers still had delays. Yet our NPS actually started climbing?

We believe this is down to keeping our customers properly informed, alongside an explanation of why and of course, an apology! Our customers are reasonable people, they know things can go wrong especially if manufacturing customised furniture to order, they just want to understand. Good communication and a strong relationship from our store teams saved the day.

So it isn’t just about getting it right all the time, that isn’t possible, it is about how you handle it when it does go wrong. Happy Days!

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