November 19, 2016

Recruitment with a difference, the team decide.



We have just been through the recruitment process for a store manager for our new Edinburgh store. This hasn’t been as easy as you would think. We need experienced, results focused managers but they need a couple of other rare skills most other retail stores don’t need. We used the same system as we used last year to recruit our Glasgow manager.

Last year we put out a unique advert on various recruitment sites through an agency, plus S1 Jobs but also put an advert on Facebook with a £100 boost behind it. It was a humorous advert but focused on the type of person we wanted. This year almost every candidate came via Facebook.

That was the functional bit. Then the fun began. We brought the final candidates into the store in the evening. All the store and installation team were present and running different sections of the evening. The store and install teams were given scoring sheets so they record their opinions of each potential store manager. This really piled on the pressure.

There were 3 key parts to the recruitment evening to pile on the pressure, ALL carried out in front of everyone present.

Each candidate had 60 seconds to introduce themselves, what they do and say why they should get the job.

Then all candidates were given a team exercise to come to a majority decision on. They had 15 minutes to decide who they thought the final 2 candidates should be.

Yip. You read that right. The sound of their jaws hitting the deck was amazing. The results for us was spectacular. The favourite at this point crumbled. He was aggressive and petty. The other favourite barely spoke. I highly recommend this recruitment process.

The final stage was speed dating. 6 members of my team, 12 questions in total, 2 rounds, 60 seconds per ‘date’. Who needs long winded interviews.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening but the real rewards came when I sat down with my team afterwards. Wow! Their insight and understanding of what we wanted blew my mind. Things I had missed or hadn’t thought of was surprising. The team’s pleasure in helping chose their next manager was wonderful. Our Glasgow store manager is doing a spectacular job. Our new Edinburgh Manager will be a winner too. Now for our new design consultants.

Try this next time, it is quick, easy and very effective. Feel free to get in touch if you want more info this kind of recruitment process.

Adam Davidson
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