November 6, 2016

Let’s get down to business.


Welcome, come on in!

Welcome, come on in!

I’ve been in the interiors business in one way or another since about 1993 and wow, has it changed! From Reid Furniture and the ‘how low can we go’ pricing, all the way to BoConcept and the ‘What do you mean you want a discount? Get out!’ system. It’s been fun so far.

I am in the very fortunate position of owning the BoConcept brand in Scotland, not as grand as it sounds as we only have the Glasgow store and the Edinburgh store open at the end of 2016.

I wanted to call the blog Large Cheddar in honour of our install team who refer to me as The Big Cheese, dripping with sarcasm from them of course. My social media expert suggested it wasn’t serious enough for a business blog. ‘The Chairman’ it is.

So is it the big cheese of the company or the guy who loves chairs; so much it’s almost a fetish? (Am I sharing too much too soon?)

So what’s this blog all about? Let me be honest; I could say it is part of our social media strategy or it is to do my bit to support the interiors and design business sector. It isn’t either. It’s to give me a chance to pontificate and hopefully get some really good debate going about anything to do with business, interiors, property and design. Anyone can contribute and anyone can comment. Don’t be shy.

(All opinions are mine, and no reflection on the BoConcept brand; I apologise in advance.)

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