May 21, 2017

Can twin-towns save our British Bacon?

Twin towns don't have to be dull and boring

Twin towns

A post popped up on my Linkedin feed. It was about an event Fujitsu had been running is the town of Ballerup in Denmark. This immediately grabbed my attention.


The Vikings are coming

The Danish connection was the first reason which is not surprising given BoConcept’s Danish heritage. The main reason was that Ballerup is one of the twin towns for East Kilbride where I now live. (Someone has to…!)

There used to be a high school in East Kilbride called Ballerup. The main civic hall is called Ballerup Hall in honour of the twin town.


The Brexit effect

This triggered an interesting thought. With Brexit there will be negatives. There are positives too but we can be sure the image of the UK will be tarnished in Europe for decades.

Does the twin town system still exist? Is this something we could resurrect in Scotland to show that we still want that relationship to continue. To do business, to visit each other’s countries, to understand each other. We don’t want to become ‘them’ instead of part of ‘us’.



I’ll be emailing my local councillor in the morning, fortunately she isnt one of the ‘they are all bloody foreigners’ brigade. ¬†Hopefully this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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