January 31, 2018

Big Brother is watching all of us

The latest Masarati sports version

We are having a serious rethink about our marketing so really needed to know for sure who our current customer is therefore I have had our database analysed.


We now know that the highest percentage of our customers are 35 to 55, live in properties worth well over £320,000, earn over £100,000 with the next largest percentage over £150,000. They hold prestige positions, are usually directors of large or small companies, rarely have children under 18 and own their own home which they have either just moved into or have lived there for 11 years. The 11 years statistic puzzled me but it does kind of make sense when you think about it. It is time to redecorate or it is time to move.

Results of the database analysis

Residency statistics

There was a lot more information available from the analysis but these were the ones that jumped out at me. It is mindblowing what marketing companies known about us. Not about specific customers, that really would be creepy, but as an average.

There are two things I can do with this marketing information now. Do I source a database of like minded individuals to target? Do I need to find out if this is the best profile to be marketing to or should I take it higher? My instinct is that I am very happy with the type of high spending individual we are attracting so will keep marketing to a similar type. Makes me even more optimistic for the future. Next step is how our marketing online can attract like minded people.


On the subject of creepy and marketing; I visited a Maserati dealer at the weekend. Not for me unfortunatley, but window shopping with my 8 year old son who is car daft. It was a great experience. I was very honest with the salesman (next year Rodders…) so as not to waste his time. We had a great chat about building a brand and how to sell it. He was very tuned into who they should be marketing to. On returning home, I was checking the performance of a Facebook posts to promote the end of our Clearance Sale. Maseratti sponsored marketing posts kept popping up in my feed. They weren’t before the visit.  Now that is creepy.

The Maserati Lavante SUV

Maserati Lavante SUV

(Before anyone asks, my son wants the Masarati GranTurismo, I’m more of the Lavante SUV kind of guy.)




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