November 6, 2016

Receiving Bad News Creates Happy Customers


Good news, bad news.

Good news, bad news.

At my weekly networking meeting we take it turn about each week for one of us to run a 4 minute training session. A while back one of the members brought up the subject of happy customers. He asked us who calls our customers after the job is completed to make sure the customer is actually happy with the end result. Less than 50% of us do. He then discussed how we should ask our customers. Most of us said something along the lines of, “I just wanted to check you were happy with everything?”

This is a good start but human nature is to agree with a question, we are pre-programmed to agree with people, not disagree.

Our trainer for the day suggested a tweak. Ask your customer if there was anything they weren’t 100% happy with. Interestingly most people do tell you if anything wasn’t totally perfect when asked this way. When we tried this after every install, we received the odd comment along the lines of ‘There was a slight ding on the back edge of one of the items but it is hardly noticeable so I didn’t bother mentioning it’.

We immediately insist on resolving this issue and the customer is impressed. They like that they don’t have to kick off to get action. In fact, most customers will be happy and amazed to be called at all!

Try it, you might be surprised. Don’t be scared of bad news; better your customers are telling you and not other people.

Adam Davidson
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