January 28, 2019

5.5 top tips for selling your home

In my day job our team often get involved with helping our customers sell their homes. So as spring approaches, thoughts about selling your home might turn to action. I’ve pulled together some simple tips on preparing a property for sale. Most of us know the obvious tips like de-clutter, coffee grounds in the oven, kerb appeal etc but there is so much more to it than that.

ONE. De-Personalise
A common error is to assume that the luminous pink wall in your small dining room that you love so much (really?) will appeal to everyone. It’s unlikely so don’t just de-clutter, de-personalise too. When potential buyers come to visit your home, they need to mentally picture themselves, their family and all their own belongings superimposed over your home. Yes, do remove the clutter but also reduce the really personal items and especially the really distinctive decor.

When the TragerHaus in Whitecraigs, Glasgow was on the market for £1.35 million, it’s unique design meant viewers were struggling to picture how it could look for them. BoConcept’s Design Manager Neil was called in to help make this stunning property also look like a comfortable home.

TWO. Remove yourself from the picture
When showing viewers around your home, they need to picture it as theirs. If you lead them around every room, then every room will have you in it! This makes it your home not theirs. The purpose of the viewing is that they fall in love with the property not you! Step back and let them enter each room first.

THREE. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…
…make it look like a duck. Despite point one above about de-personalising, think about your target buyer; who are they? If you are selling a family home, make it look like a family home. Make it look warm, cosy and welcoming, like a family home. A clinical look isn’t going to help.

When we are staging a home something as simple as a coat casually hung over the back of a chair can make all the difference. Another ‘real’ look is a piles of plates and cutlery at one end of the table looking as though you are about the set the table for the family or entertaining guests. Don’t actually set it, it looks too cluttered. Another favourite is a glass of something nice, a pair of reading glasses and a book at the side of a chair. Make it real.

FOUR. Fresh eyes.
Take a step back and look at your home; try to look at it through someone elses eyes. Consider these examples. If you have 3 cars shoe-horned into the driveway and they barely fit, remove one for viewings. If you have a large kitchen, don’t have a mop bucket visible, even in a cupboard, it triggers the thought about how long it will take to clean or the extra hours your cleaner will need. If you have a real fire, ideally have it lit but remove all brushes and buckets required to clean it out.

FIVE. Match your presentation to the potential buyer.

The best way to see your home through the prospective buyers eyes is ask them. Have a chat, ask them what their priorities are for their new home. Then, in conversation you can carefully emphasise the relevant advantages of your property. Make sure the photos on your online advertising reflect the major wow factor selling points, it is amazing how often they don’t.

FIVE POINT FIVE. Invest a little to make a lot.
Consider having your home professionally staged for photography and viewing. It can seem costly but a well staged home should sell more quickly and for much more. The TragerHaus is a stunning property but at £1.35 million there aren’t a huge number of potential buyers out there. It sold in a matter of weeks!

View the amazing TragerHaus, named by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, as one of the top 100 houses in Scotland since 2000,

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